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Urbanism is a Science
Urbanitarium is where it happens

List of Projects

  1. Reinventing Housing in the South: Competition for Public Housing Design of Jiangong Community in Shenzhen Nanshan - 南方新住宅_深圳南山建工村公共住房设计公开竞赛  organized by Bureau of Public Works of Nanshan District, Shenzhen - Project in Partnership with Guallart Architects

  2. International Solicitation for Changsha South Area Development Strategy Research for Spatial Planning and Urban Design - 长沙南片区发展战略研究暨空间发展总体规划和总体城市设计方案国际征集

  3. International Competition for Conceptual Design of Landmark Buildings of Quzhou.

  4. The Super Line City - International Consultation for the Suzhou North Railway Station City Integration TOD Comprehensive Development Project. Collaboration with Shenzhen Architectural Design Research Institute - SADI.

  5. International Competition for Urban Design of Hangzhou Qiantang Bay Future Headquarters Base

  6. International Consultation on the Urban Design Optimization of Bao’an Central District. Design lead collaborator. Project Team Guallart Architects and the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design, CAUPD

  7. Wuhan Yangtze River New Area Central Area Urban Design Research and Core Plot Building Cluster Concept Plan International Competition, Guallart Architects and SZAD - Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.

  8. Consultation for the design of the Saudi Space Agency SSC booth at the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2022 in Paris - 250 sqm

  9. ‘Construction work, together with project drafting, of the sheltered housing buildings located at Carrer de Pallars, 477, Carrer de Marroc, 180-182, Carrer de Binèfar, 22, and an extension of Pstge. d’Arriassa, s/n, de Barcelona, (EXP. 20/089)’

  10. International Consultation on the Planning and Design of Chishi Riverside, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality, 2020

  11. Global Plan for Conceptual Urban Design of Jincheng Park Area in Pidu District, Chengdu, 2020

  12. Xiong’an Architectural Design Competition, Residential, and Community, The Self-Sufficient City, 2020

  13. Xiong’an Architectural Design Competition, Urban Public Management & Service Facility, 2020

  14. International Competition for Urban Design of Huanggang Port Area, Park of    Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone 2020

  15. Architecture Design Competition for Overall Renovation of Shenzhen Working People’s Cultural Palace, 2019

  16. International Consultation on Urban Design for the Coastal Area of Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen Municipality, 2019

  17. International Consulting on the Urban Design of Xichong, Nan'ao, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen City, 2019

  18. HiSiBi Planning scheme and budget of Xiaomeisha Coastal Tourism Island Project, 2019

  19. International Consultation for Detailed Planning of Xiaomeisha Coastal Zone, 2019

  20. International Consulting on the Urban Design of Units 8 & 10 of Qianhai, 2019

  21. International Competition for Changsha ZoomLion Headquarter District, 20119

  22. Wuhan Changjiang New Town Innovation Development Center Architectural Design, 2019

  23. The Forest City Project, Proposal for the Future Urban Bio-City, Gabon, 2019

  24. Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base, 2019

  25. Haikou Jiangdong New District, 2018

  26. International Consultation on the Conceptual Urban Design for Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Central Area, 2018

  27. Chengdu Tianfu Olympic Sports, 2018

  28. Shenzhen New Marine City Urban Design Competition, 2018

  29. Shenzhen Xiangmihu Area Urban Design Competition, 2018

  30. Design Proposal for Qianlong Market and Neighborhood Area Transformation, Suqian, China 2017

  31. Global Design for the Suqian Grand Canal Area, 2017

  32. Constructive Detailed Planning of Pohuai Peninsula, XingYi Experimental Area, Guizhou Province, 2017

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