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The OX Neighborhood

The Social Jungle, a retro futuristic sci-fi neighborhood





April 20, 2022

Unity, Genesis, Social, Metaverse Urbanism, Gamium, Open

A jungle of buildings, lights, and geometries, mundane yet monumental, this neighborhood has a dystopian game-like mood with a warm color palette and linear zoning with a central juncture.

OX has an X-shaped urban layout, with the center hosting a large cloud of voxels - a light forest- a floating ‘cloud’ of vertical and horizontal tectonics, with a translucent material texture and a dusty fog around on top.

The 4 branches forming the X have linearly distributed building blocks, a runway for aerial vehicles, and infrastructure for urban financial functions, and illegal fighting areas.

It is a Manhattan/Hong Kong-inspired urban scale and layout.

OX is a metaverse jungle and a lab for human illegal activities

Central icon: The Cloud

Project Team

Project Lead
Firas Safieddine

Project core team
Firas Safieddine
Francois Nour

Unity - Engine Team
Karlo Rajic

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