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Ilios Neighborhood

Digital Shamanism driven world, a neighborhood for the brave





May 18, 2022

Open, Metaverse Urbanism, Unity, Genesis, Immersive Story-telling, Social

Ilio is a recreational, exotic, vibrant, and human-scale neighborhood, focused on immersive story telling, psychedelic experiences, and other virtual wellbeing and mental health practices.
The neighborhood hosts a multitude of islands, of various typologies and functions, including areas for private villas, and other zones for vacation and exclusive experiences. Various zones allow the emergence of various moods and effects within the same neighborhood, pumping up the value of each and reaching out to a diversified clientele.

Urban Morphology
The ILIOS urban plan is based on twisting a base structure to achieve a vortex where dormant volcanos are situated. A fluid grid creates the urban floor, on a small scale to create an ultra-human-scale urban context. In some areas, the urban blocks are minimized to host villas, i.e. 1 villa per block. In the first ring, a bubbly form of metaballs will host exhibitions and theme parks; artificial flora, and fauna. Moving that villas, with pools in the center, a variety of structures and buildings populate the scene. Colors, patterns, and a playful mood dominate the scene.

Central icon: The Data Forest

Project Team

Project Lead
Firas Safieddine

Project core team
Firas Safieddine
Francois Nour
Teddy Fadous

Unity - Engine Team
Karlo Rajic

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