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Neighborhood Zero, Otherwise, the heart of the Gamium City-World





March 3, 2022

Metaverse Urbanism

At the center of the Gamium City-World, Genesis, the neighborhood zero sits as the icon.

Genesis is the center of the Gamium City-world project, an emblamatic neighborhood with integrated utility that enables a gamified urban experiences, through monetization, immersive living, and governance through DAOs

Urban Morphology
The urban design is dictated by an organic grid following a field of vectors - forces, that open up towards the periphery, and allow a hybrid, aerated, and high-quality urban space. It has a central iconic tower, connecting the islands of the neighborhood. This neighborhood must include sculptures at the urban scale and game areas for social interaction.

At the center, is the Genesis tower that ties together the islands, at the second radial level, public squares, and open space, that lead to the major buildings of the neighborhood. Beyond the buildings, nature takes over creating a belt of parks, and pocket forests, populated with sculptures and specific buildings, arriving at the periphery with light sculptures and vertical assets.

The neighborhood has a port at its north water axis, which will host water drones, marine vehicles, boats, etc.

Central icon Height: 800m

Project Team

Project Lead
Firas Safieddine

Project core team
Firas Safieddine
Francois Nour
Roberto Vargas Calvo

Project team
Anton Koshelev

Unity - Engine Team
Karlo Rajic

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