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Waterfront Dongyang Library

Waterfront Library Design Process for Zhejiang

Scheme 1 adopts a centralized layout, and the facade is covered by a layer of blue-and-white porcelain-like “translucent” prefabricated glazed glass components. With the change of time and light, the building can take on different expressions.

The azure color is hidden in the green shade of the city, full of the meaning of Jiangnan ink painting; by reflecting the picture of life along the river, the colorful temperament of the cultural landmark is presented humbly.

Scheme 2 reconstructs the library experience paradigm through a decentralized layout, and injects academy-style cultural genes into the contemporary library.

The decentralized library volume is vertically inserted into the reading space around the courtyard, which promotes communication and makes the natural landscape a new center. The building is naturally connected to the park through the surrounding earth, and the image of the academy hidden in nature in ancient times is clearly identified.



January 16, 2024





Ran Huo
Yimeng Wei
Shenghui Mao
Yueqi Sun

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