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Tea Hub

Tea-Hub building in Shenzhen

The site is located on an open expansive lawn in the park, and three existing trees are arranged diagonally in the designing area.
Our strategy is to fully utilize the position of the three trees to organize form and service functions, avoiding tree roots while maximizing the indoor area.

The eaves of the building are protruded to both sides, and the large area of shadow space under the eaves serves as the main interior space, resisting sunlight and heavy rain in summer. The dining spaces are divided into two scales by trees, providing different usage and dining experiences. All structural column facing the scenery is integrated with the window frame to enhance the outdoor scenery.

The construction area of this project is about 219.2 square meters, including a tea hub and public toilet.

In this project, we fully managed from Pre-Design to Design Development stage and cooperated with the client and LDI on Construction Documents, Construction Bidding, and Construction Administration stage.



January 1, 2024





Ran Huo
Yimeng Wei
Shenghui Mao
Yueqi Sun
Xue Zhang

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