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Smart Green Atrium

Socio-cultural Incubator for a vibrant Chengdu

Located in the Andingqiao community of Wan'an Street, Tianfu New Area, this project is an interior renovation and upgrading design based on the existing structure, with the target function of a community innovation and creativity center.

Our first thought was how to break through the limitations of
the existing structure and activate the two small atriums, which were originally closed to each other, to create an open and inclusive "community engine" that can accommodate and generate endless possibilities.

This plan aims to create a community pole with strong attraction by utilizing existing structures, introducing "non daily" experiences to residents' daily situations, in order to attract crowd participation, and then creating a full lifecycle community center for residents through supporting functions and service activities.



February 2, 2024





Yimeng Wei
Firas Safieddine

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