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Neo-public: Natural Loop

Architectural Design of Shenzhen 28th Senior High School

Shenzhen No. 28 Middle School is located between mountains and rivers. We look forward to a contemporary campus that respects nature, keeps open, and encourages communication.

Functionally, we extracted the most public content, such as the canteen, library, gymnasium, playground, and lecture hall, and reorganized them into three public building nodes and connected them with standard runways. In this way we provide the students a new life picture——This space encourages students to reach out to others, and learn to build relationships between people.

Through the overhead standard runway, the ground floor space is released and the opportunity to connect with nature is given. The running track connects the terraces, public construction groups, and teaching groups, providing students with a new daily path and a sports experience surrounded by nature.

The slope under the track and the court form an image of a valley, which is relaxing and safe.

Every campus is a micro-city. In this place, we hope to preserve the ecological diversity and establish a living environment that integrates mountains and rivers. Time goes by, and the campus, surrounded by mountains and rivers, will eventually become the landscape itself.



January 25, 2024





Ran Huo
Yimeng Wei
Shenghui Mao
Yueqi Sun

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