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Dongyang Waterfront Museum

Waterfront Museum Design Process for Zhejiang

Proposal 1 attempts to create a new paradigm of museum experience, unifying multiple exhibition moving lines through flowing outdoor spaces, breaking the current state of museums with a strong concept of concentration, and presenting a garden-like experience of intertwining and permeating exhibitions.

Proposal 2 constructs a highly complex spatial form by deconstructing the architectural language and fitting the classical operating mechanism of the museum.

The unique structural system forms exhibition spaces with different heights in the vertical direction, and forms two types of exhibition halls in the horizontal direction, light and dark, which are finally unified into a clean and tidy volume.

Proposal 3 starts from the bottom layer of the traditional space mechanism of the museum, and builds a brand-new and efficient museum experience through two sets of overlapping orthogonal systems.

The system with the rectangle as the motif provides exhibition spaces of different heights with the highest efficiency. The exhibition lines of different themes meet at the central hall, and the penetration of the natural environment occurs at the intersection of the system.



January 17, 2024





Ran Huo
Yimeng Wei
Shenghui Mao
Yueqi Sun

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