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Changbaishan Hotel Cluster

Architecture Design Of NTS Village Project

The building is divided into several volumes according to the plot boundaries.

The guest rooms are placed on the side close to the forest to provide the best views, and the side facing the village is placed for sports, meetings and bathing. The volume is relatively small, reducing the sense of oppression to the village.

The bathing volume opens to the forest side, providing an outdoor hot spring close to nature.

The sports area has a clear height of 9 meters and can be arranged with two badminton courts. The badminton net can be moved, and this space can be used flexibly together with the wide corridor on the left to provide an entertainment venue.

The bathing area can be reached through the men’s and women’s changing rooms. There is an indoor swimming pool on the first floor and direct access to the outdoor hot spring bath. On the second floor, there are multi-functional halls, VIP rooms and spas.



January 16, 2024





Ran Huo
Yimeng Wei
Shenghui Mao
Yueqi Sun

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