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Character Designer

Planet Earth - Remote




At Spatial Forces, we are redefining how a design practice operates, and we are on the look for the right talent to join our awesome team.

The position is fully remote, as our team is distributed across many countries.

Team work lives on Discord, Google Drive and Miro boards, and that's where we the magic happens.

For this role, we are on the look for a character design wizard, capable of effortlessly crafting awesome 3d humans. Experience in Metahumans and deploying the characters in Unreal Engine 5 is required.

Further knowledge of advanced features, GPT model integrations is a plus.


Experience in designing, modeling, texturing, and rigging 3d characters, with an attention to detail, and focus on faces.


Spatial forces is a next-generation spatial design practice that recruits a partnership-on-demand operation model, defining the design practice of the future; collaborative, research grounded, political, technology savvy, innovative, and diverse.

Among many other fields and disciplines, Spatial Forces invests in Neurotechnology, Mineral Intelligence , Ecology and Computation as the main drivers for the near future. We value these as necessary and vital friction spaces to realize a consistent spatial discourse.

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