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Sena Neighborhood

The Forest City of the Metaverse




June 8, 2022

Open, Unity, Genesis, Health, Social

Sena redefines ecological virtual urbanism as it merges with artificial nature to create a unique aesthetic. Sena is a place of high abundance, where assets complement and coexist in a forest-like manner. At its center, a timber tower made of discrete geometries stands as an icon of automated assemblages and machine-based design.

Virtual chlorophyll seems to be perceptually valid, as studies show how clinical patients who attend virtual nature through VR wearables demonstrate signs of increased relaxation.

The forest, a vital element of life, is reduced to its aesthetics and perceptual qualities.
Technophilic environments take command

SENA sits as a forest in a crater and brings forward technobiophilia to metaverse design.

The urban morphology is based on a gradient circle packing as its underlying structure, each circle hosts a building, or a cluster of structures creating various moods, all within a forest context.

Moving outward, the circular plots get smaller, and therefore the structures they host.

At its boundaries, the terrain is elevated to create the urban sense of being in a crater, a space below.

The neighborhood is divided into several zones by artificial mountains, designed to emerge from the circular form.

Central icon: The Tower of Life and Blooming QR-code flora

Project Team

Project Lead
Firas Safieddine

Project core team
Firas Safieddine
Francois Nour

Unity - Engine Team
Karlo Rajic

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