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Luru, reclaims the space for urban expression and experience.



GMetri XR

September 13, 2022

Commercial, Metaverse Urbanism, Social, Brand, Retail

Luru - The Bangalore Metaverse

Luru is a reflection of the vibrant city of Bangalore, and the plurality of experiences this wondrous city has to offer. Luru brings next-generation experiences and discovery to real local brands, making their first step into the Metaverse.

The project secures virtual spaces for physical brands, from fashion to real estate, on a cross-device platform ( GMetri ) to maximize outreach and engagement.

In this project, we created a non-identical twin of Church and Brigade Street, a dynamic part of the city of Bangalore. As the main input, we utilized the vibrant and colorful ambiance of that part of the city specifically. We outlined the most notable features like trees, local landmark buildings, scale, and typologies.

On top of that, we added things that normally cannot be created in the real world, such as holograms and interactive animations.

The process was developed to utilize AI generative models that helped us to envision the futuristic style of the City and enrich the number of elements, props, and decals, which are usually hard to create in a short amount of time.

To bring it to life, we designed virtual stores for partners of the project which were also accessible from the main avenue. Real brands who wanted their share of the new internet.

The project Luru was initiated by #UnboxingBLR and powered by #GMetriXR.
The project was presented at the 25th Bangalore Tech Summit (BTS) 2022 which was held in the city from November 16-18 2022.

Project Team

Firas Safieddine
Krzysztof Galant
Gayatri Agrawal
Antonio Lopes

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