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Gamium City-World

Metaverse Urbanism




February 2, 2022

Unity, Social, Open, Metaverse Urbanism

The Gamium City-World ( GCW ) project is a world-creation project that conceives a city as a world, and vice versa.

It is a design for a configurable city-world realized in the virtual space. This tabula rasa brings important decisions to be made on building such cities of the present future while lacking a history of precedents.

The zero-context is not blank.

Ten neighborhoods, each comprised of islands in a lagoon of 100 square kilometers - the size of Moscow[TTK]- surrounded by mountainous terrain. The underlying structure of the project is a fractal branching system that renders nodes to fill up a space. After the branching and nodes occur, hence the spatial layout, clustering of the nodes brings forward agglomerations of land as chunks that are then partitioned following directionality and proximity from other nodes and a loop connection that connects all the clusters.

It is a blueprint for Urbanism in the Metaverse, as it explores algorithmic mechanisms for rule-based urbanism. At the core of the generative model of GCW is a node-based system that is adaptive, scalable, and can expand infinitely. The creation of a world that responds through design, to pressing questions, on how architects engage with the metaverse industry, and the impact such a domain can have on the design disciplines.

Metaverse Urbanism is an emerging discourse, and GCW is our take on it.

Project Team

Project Lead
Firas Safieddine

Project core team
Firas Safieddine
Francois Nour
Roberto Vargas Calvo

Unity - Engine Team
Robert Bechara
Karlo Rajic

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