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Tour B

Tower in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Abidjan, the most populous French-speaking city in West Africa, considered the economic and cultural intersection in the region. Despite losing its status as the capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan remains the hub of the majority of the administrative and political institutions.

La Tour B, an imposing building, is emerging in the heart of Abidjan. As a symbol of prosperity, durability, and opportunity, the building recalls the beauty of nature. The project’s sculptural form borrows its curves from natural morphologies, emphasized with the ever-changing openings’ sizes creating a layer of depth and shadow.

The window sizes respond to the curvature of the building at its respective location, parametrizing the entire structure. The entire morphology responds to the neighboring bridged intersection, giving the driver a dynamic view of the building from every angle.

Under its intricate epidermis, lives an array of organic and flexible office spaces with the ground floor reserved for a highly luxurious retail space. The landscape pattern extends from the façade and creeps into the retail space, creating a homogenous emerging being.



January 4, 2024





This project is in collaboration with BAD.Built by associative data
Ali Basbous
Firas Safieddine
Michel Azzi
Nemer Nabbouh
Antoun Rizk

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