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Monolith Oasis

Shopping Mall and Gallery in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, defining a new vernacular

The Monolith Mall in Riyadh redefines local architecture by using large, natural desert rocks to create a raw, majestic aesthetic. Central to its design is a vast open space with a stone ceiling featuring a waterfall, cooling a vibrant water plaza surrounded by public seating. This innovative approach merges Riyadh's natural environment with cultural requirements, offering a new vernacular that moves beyond conventional styles of glass, steel, and traditional Salmani architecture.

In Riyadh, the Monolith Oasis Mall introduces a bold departure from conventional architectural styles, moving beyond glass and steel or traditional Salmani architecture. This project embraces a raw aesthetic, utilizing large stones and desert rocks in their natural forms to create a distinctive local experience. The mall's design centers around a vast open space with a stone ceiling featuring an opening for a waterfall, which cools the atmosphere and forms a lively water plaza. This central area is a hub of public life, surrounded by ample seating and social spaces. The use of natural stone elements as both walls and ceilings imparts a sense of majesty and scale, reminiscent of natural wonders. This approach not only responds to Riyadh's natural environment but also meets cultural requirements, proposing a new vernacular architecture for the city. Monolith Oasis Mall exemplifies how landscape elements can be rearranged in innovative spatial layouts, offering a fresh perspective on ecological, culturally resonant architecture in Riyadh.



April 20, 2024





This project is in collaboration with BAD.Built by associative data
Firas Safieddine
Ali Basbous
Nemer Nabbouh

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